From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/13/1862, p. 2, c. 4

Accommodations for Soldiers. – The city is at present filled with soldiers, returning to their several homes on furlough. The hotel and boarding house keepers have been taxed to their utmost capacity to furnish sleeping room for them, and yet, from the sheer impossibility of supplying the demand for lodging, very many of our brave defenders are compelled to walk the streets during the entire night, or lay down in the first locality that presents itself, whether eligible or otherwise. This state of affairs, though of necessity bound to be brief duration, is to be regretted. Some way should be found out to obviate the inconvenience experienced by the volunteers in passing through Richmond. They deserve all the respect that we can show them. Their being here is a sign that it is their due – we speak of those who have re-enlisted "for the war." It has occurred to us that the St. Charles Hotel, being now unoccupied, would, with a little "fixing up," make an admirable "Soldiers' Rest." Better that than wandering about the streets, with no shelter. It is only "rest" that our brave lads want after exhausting their privilege of seeking for lodgings and finding none. This rest they should have, and the Government should give it to them free of cost.

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