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A Rebel War Clerk's Diary


James Robertson wrote in the Editor's Preface: "Michael D. Gorman, who knows more about the citizens of Civil War-era Richmond than anyone who ever lived, was of inestimable assistance. Scattered throughout the notes are references to individuals that only Mike could have identified. He is truly a credit to the National Park Service."

"Richmond in 1865"

Michael Gorman talks about Richmond, Virginia, in 1865 and what historians could learn from photographs from the period on CSpan

A Conqueror or a Peacemaker? Abraham Lincoln in Richmond

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Vol. 123, No. 1 (2015), pp. 2-88

The Fall of Richmond

Mike Gorman talks about the fall of Richmond that began April 2, 1865 and the evacuation fire that followed.

Lincoln in Richmond

Mike Gorman talks to The Richmond History Podcast host Jeff Majer about President Abraham Lincoln’s historic trip to Richmond less then 48 hour after the evacuation of the Confederate Government.

Reconstruction at Chimborazo

Mike Gorman talks about reconstruction in Richmond focusing on what was the former Chimborazo Hospital.

Civil War Life in Richmond

Mike Gorman discusses life in Richmond during the Civil War on the Richmond History Podcast



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