From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, 8/15/1861

More Sick to be Provided For. - The Hospital established in Gilliam's tobacco factory has just received, or will receive to-day, two hundred new patients. They are without supplies of almost every kind. Especially do they need blankets, coverlets, sheets, and pillows. - We would suggest to those who desire to aid them as well as the other sick, to make as many pillows as possible of soft straw or hay; also, collect together all the old shirts, drawers, socks, flannels, &c., in the various families, patch and mend them, and they will serve a very good purpose. Few of he sick have even a shirt to change in, but have to lie from day to day, and often from week to week, in the same soiled and sour garments. To such, an old shirt even would be a great luxury.

Don't forget the wagon that is to leave the depot of the Army Committee, 4th door, under the Spottswood, with supplies for the camps, to-day at 2 P. M. Send in your contributions of fresh vegetables, delicacies and clothing early this morning. Send the pillows and the old clothes to the depot as soon as they are ready.

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