From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/29/1862, p. 2, c. 2

THE UNDERSIGNED – With a view to ameliorate the condition of the soldiers of his State now in service in Virginia, by the request of His Excellency, Z. B. Vance, Governor of the State of North Carolina, has accepted the appointment of Medical Agent for the State of North Carolina in this city. He will, therefore, receive proposals for the following:

1. A large and commodious building in a central part fo the city, convenient to the railroad depots, to be used as a North Carolina Headquarters.

2. Two ambulances of the most approved construction, with Horses and Harness complete.

3. Two White Ambulance Drivers.

4. Two good Shoemakers, to make and mend soldier's shoes.

5. Two good Tailors, to make and mend soldiers' clothes.


O. F. MANSON, Surg. P. A. C. S.
Moore Hospital, Richmond, Va.

oc 29 – 1t*

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