From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/26/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Arrest of a Yankee Deserter and Supposed Spy. – On Saturday last a man named Albert W. Sinclair, who also passes under the alias of Carrington, was arrested on 3d street in the neighborhood of the African Church, by Detective Fred Shaffer, of the Easter District, in the same tenement from which Webster, the spy, was taken. About nine months since Sinclair, who at that time passed for a Lieutenant in the Yankee army, and professed to be a deserter, appeared in Richmond, and was committed to Castle Godwin as a spy. After being there a considerable time he succeeded in purloining himself on a green sentinel as an officer of the prison, and not only liberated himself but passed out on his own authority the notorious Colonel Adler, a fellow-prisoner, who succeeded in making his way to the North – The officers had nothing of Sinclair’s whereabouts until a few days ago, when they were privately informed that he was in the city, and took measures to effect his arrest, in which they were successful, as above related. It is believed that he has been backwards and forwards from this city to the North several times since he escaped, and has been useful to the enemy as a spy. When near the corner of 5th and Broad streets, on his way to prison, he broke from the officers and fled precipitately up Broad till arriving at 2d street, down which he retreated rapidly till near the Alms House, when he was headed off and again taken in custody. While the fugitive was attempting to escape three shots were fired at him, but without effect. He was taken to Castle Thunder for trial before Court Martial.

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