From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/8/1910, p. 10, c. 2

Tredegar Company Secures Additional Government Contract for Projectiles.

A supplemental contract for projectiles for the Ordnance Department, United States Army, was awards to the Tredegar Company, of this city, yesterday, the specifications calling for cast iron shells for the six-inch guns used in many of the forts of the country. The contract is for an indeterminate number, and amounts to approximately $10,000.

With the new order, the Tredegar Company has on hand work enough for the Federal government to run its casting shop for nearly a year. During the fall and early winter the company submitted proposals and secured contracts for shells of various sizes, a very large order having been entered in December for twelve-inch projectiles. Each one of those castings weighs 1,060 pounds. Delivery has already begun on the contract, the projectiles being shipped from here to Fort Monroe and other government fortifications in the East. The total amount of government contracts now held by the Tredegar Company will exceed $300,000. The plant is one of the oldest iron industries in the South, and was used to manufacture anon for the Confederacy

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