From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Thursday, 1/27/1910, p. 9, c. 5

Director Evans to Have His Paraphernalia in New Quarters by Sunday.

According to Director Edward A. Evans, the United States Weather Bureau at Chimborazo Park will be officially in commission after next Monday. The building has practically been completed and a part of the paraphernalia has already been moved. Saturday has been designated as the principal moving day, and it is expected that most the apparatus and other things pertaining to the office will be in the new quarters by Sunday.

Unless some unforeseen difficulty arises, says Mr. Evans, February 1 will find the bureau operating in its new home. Because daily observations have to be taken, the instruments will have to be removed as their day’s work is completed, so they will be the last of the equipment to be hauled away from the Mutual Building. When the last observation is taken Saturday afternoon they will be quickly taken down and hustled over to Chimborazo Park, so as to be ready for regular work on Monday morning.

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