From the Richmond Whig, 4/15/1865


We have already published a list of the Real Estate owners who were sufferers by the late conflagration. Below we give a list of the persons who lost goods or merchandise by the same calamity. - It has been impossible to give an absolutely accurate list, as the work had all to be done from memory - no vestige of a sign, in most places, remaining in the houses to designate the late occupant. Many may have been forgotten, and some, no doubt, overlooked, though every care has been taken to secure a correct report. It was also impracticable, for reasons at once apparent to every reader, to give the amount of losses in each case but they must sum up many millions, the amount destroyed ranging in each case from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Nor were the goods alone all that was destroyed, for burglaries had become so frequent that nearly all the merchants had their provisions for family supplies at their store-houses, and in the general excitement and melee attending the evacuation and conflagration, none of them were saved :

MAIN STREET. - Traders' Bank; South Carolina Soldiers' Depository; Dove & Co., druggists; Smith & Harwood, hardware merchants; Henry Stern, dry goods merchant; Thos. R. Price & Co., dry goods merchants; Geo Ruskell, variety store; Jno C. Page, Jr., boot & shoe merchant; John Thompson, hatter; Richardson & Co, carpet merchants; a. Morris, book and stationery; N Ezekiel, dry goods and trimming; ___ Lyele, dry goods; Gordon & Banks, boots and shoes; Mrs. Kate Taylor, confectionary; Jno M. Schmitt, ___; Mrs. C. Botto, groceries; Mrs. E. Ryan, groceries; Smith & McCurdy, tobacconists; T. T. Duke, grocer and com. Mer.; Andrew Johnston, law office; P. R. Graftan, do; Nance & Williams, do; Dr. M. A. Blankman, dentist; Col. J. B. Danforth, hd'rs 2d class militia; ___ Myers, jewelry store; Meanly & Williams, groceries; ___, tobacconist; Georgia Relief and Hospital Association; Hubbard, Gardner & Carlton; Pufney & Watts; P. Johnston & Bro, druggists; J. W. Randolph, books and stationery; Johnston & Bransford, hardware; Prescott, Bayly & Co, tobacconists; Wm. E. Johnson, boots and shoes; S. S. Cottrel, sadler; W. N. Redford, sadler; ___ Bauman, tobacconists; Shafer, Royster & Co., ready-made clothing; J. S. Atkinson & Co., auctioneers; Jefferson Powers, baker; T. M. Alfriend, insurance agency; Office, Presbyterian Publishing Association; E. B. Spence, tailor and clothing; Williams & Norfleet, auctioneers; Dispatch counting and editorial rooms; William R. Polk, dry goods; A. Telleson & Co., dry goods; D. F. Booth, auctioneer; Central Presbyterian printing office; J. W. Dooley, hatter; Jos. Jackson, Recorder of Virginia Forces; West & Johnston, booksellers and publishers; ___ Reese, daguerreotypist; John T. Gray, druggist; ___, billiard room, &c.; Harvey Hellings & Co., boots and shoes; Merchants' Insurance Company; Purcell, Ladd & Co., druggists; C. W. Purcell & Co., brokers; ___, restaurant; ___, restaurant; Tom Griffin, restaurant; A. Pizzini, confectionery; H. K. Ellyson, sheriff; B. W. Knowles, miscellaneous; Ellyson & Bro., printers; S. Sutherland, gun-maker; J. R. Allen & Co., brokers; William M. Sutton & Co., brokers; D. T. Williams & Co., brokers; Harrison, Goddin & Apperson, brokers; Maury & Co., brokers; Lancaster & Co., brokers; Branch, Morton & Co., brokers; E. Meeds, broker; Monteiron, White & Co, liquors; ___ Wendlinger, tailor; Telegraph office; John Macpherson, restaurant; W. Peterson & Co, druggists; S. M. Price & Co. dry goods; Slaughter & Ficklin, dry goods auctioneers; George L Bidgood, books and stationery; Office Christian Advocate; A Seiberling, jeweler; Kent, Paine & Co, auctioneers; Virginia State Agency, for purchasing supplies; P Weisiger, hatter; ___ Hebener, liquors; R. Adam, baker; T. C. C. Drewry, tobacconist; Hon. Humphrey Marshall, law office; D. B. Lucas, law office; Exchange Bank of Virginia; Wright & Ford, lessees American Hotel; Bank of the Commonwealth; several fruit stands; ___ McNaughter, baker; P. Conti, confectioner; "Brandy Station" Restaurant: Meade & Baker, druggists; J. W. Davies & Son, books and music; ___ ___, wig maker and hair dresser; Regnault & Co, auctioneers; Phillip White, restaurant; Jones & Phillips, grocers; Euker & Co, liquors; J C Maynard, Major and A Q M; Lieutenant Blackford, conscript office; C Schuman, jeweler; West & Bro, barbers; W D Blair, grocer; Captain W A Charters, city Provost Marshal; A Gipperich, watchmaker; Robinson, Adams & Co, auctioneers; Louisiana Soldier's Aid Association; ___ Goff, "Gem Saloon;" Myer Myers, liquors; G & A Bargamin, tinners; Southern Express Company; John A Worsham, restaurant; Geo W Minnis, daguerreotypist; Q M Department, C S, Brig Gen, St John's head quarters; ___ Mahoney, dentist; T J Starke, books and stationery; Chas L Lundin, pictures; Dr ___ Davidson, dentist; John Smith, liquors; Q M Department, Captain Warren and others; James P Duvall, druggist; Francis J Smith, law office; P H Aylett, law office; Bank of Virginia; Farmer's Bank of Virginia; Grubbs & Williams, real estate agents and auctioneers; W F Pleasants, civil engineer; Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company; Ritchie & Dunnivant, Enquirer; James River & Kanawha Canal Company; L W Glazebrook, paper manufacturer; Antoni & Catogni, confectioners; Richmond Fire Association.

CARY STREET – R H Duke, grocer; Edwin A Smith, grocer; Quartermaster's Department, at Davenport & Allen's, and E H Skinker's; Estate of P Rahm, foundry; Richard Carter, cooper; M Jones & Co, grocers; Massie & Pleasants, grocers; Jas T Butler & Co, grocers; McKay & Pilkinton, grocers; L Waller & Co, commission merchants; Chas Palmer, commission merchants; S Ayers & Son, commission merchant; E W Ayres, printing office; Henry Smith, liquors; Gideon Garber, grocer; Geo Bagby, commission merchant; Simms & Bro, commission merchant; W B Chalkley, commission merchant; DeVoss & Hannewinkle, commission merchants; E O Nolting, Austrian Consulate; J H Anthony, batter; Jas Lombardi, confectioner; Williams, Carrington & Barksdale, commission merchants; Minor & Burke, commission merchants; Office Old Dominion Insurance Company; B J Johnson, commission merchant; R R Roberts, commission merchant; Tardy & Williams, auctioneers and commission merchants; Spencer & Venable, commission merchants; Spencer & Venable, commission merchants; Booker, Kerr & Lyon, commission merchants; M Blair & Co, commission merchants; John S Brady, liquor and commission merchant; John Tyler & Son, commission merchant; N Devereux, liquor dealer; Pollard & Walker, commission merchants; C & R W McGruder, crucible manufacturers; Bank of Richmond; Gibson & Watkins, commission merchants; Powers & Valentine, commission merchants; Wm H Powers, office agent Manchester Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company; D Parr, earthenware manufacturer; Martin & Cardoza, commission merchants; Dock Office James River and Kanawha Company; Ragland & Co, bakers; A A Farley, granary and feed store; W & D Tompkins, commission merchants; Dunlop, Moncure & Co, commission merchants and auctioneers; Crenshaw & Co, commission merchants; G W Yager, commission merchant; T J Deane, commission merchant; W T Staples & Co, commission merchants; J J Werth, agent, coal dealer; S P Cocke, coal dealer; Richard Reins, coal dealer; Asa Snyder, stove foundry; P Hoeflick, dry goods; Jas B Foster, grocer; ___ ___, grocer; Jos Vandeventer, machinist.

FRANKLIN STREET. - Wm F Watson, law office; T Atkinson law office; Dr G W Jones, dentist; E W Cone, teacher.

BANK STREET. - L L Montague, painter; O P Hankins, carpenter J A Belvin, stable; Jno N Davis, law office; Post-office; Post-Office Department in Goddin's Hall; R Hill & Son, grocers; ___ Tinsley, agent; T J Evans, law office; ___ ___, confectionary; Rooms Army Committee Young Men's Christian Association; Library Young Men's Christian Association; Manassas Hall, restaurant; City Fire Department; Quartermaster's Department, Brig Gen Lawton's hdqrs; Planters' Eating House.

The whole square fronting on this street, between 9th and 10th, was occupied by different public offices, among them the Signal Corps, Field Transportation, Navy Department and Nitre and Mining Bureau.

9th STREET. - Mechanic's Institute, occupied by the War Department; J W Davies & Son, booksellers and marble yard; ___ Haase, fur dealer; and several offices connected with the Q. M. Department.

10th STREET. - Dr. E Powell; B W Green, livery stable; H. Exall, merchant; W W Snead, locksmith; "Your House," saloon; Geo. A. Ainslie, carriage maker.

11th STREET. - J B Young, law office; J V Crawford, do. do.; J L C Danner, do. do.; J H Gilmer, do. do.; Lee & Pleasants, do. do.; A H Sands, do. do.; T P August, do. do.; Army Telegraph Office; ___ Devar, barber; Dr. J P Little; Agent Lynchburg Hose Insurance Company; Jas M Taylor, real estate agent & auctioneer.

12th STREET. - Macfarlane & Fergusson, printers; Wm S Phillips, agent; ___ Yarrington, carpenter; J A Belvin, cabinet maker; Belvin's Block, used as offices and rooms; "Star Saloon," restaurant; Wm Booth, upholsterer; Darby, Read & Gentry, boots and shoes; L Yerby(?), grocer; Campbell & Bro, grocers Brumml & Co, liquors; Jas G Dill, tobacco manufacturer; A P Brown, com. mer; R B Somervill, do do; Warwick & Barksdale, millers; V Winfree, auctioneer; Public printing rooms.

13th STREET. - M Nenzel, last maker; V A Favier, shoe maker; Robins & White, grocers; Roper & Murray, undertakers; Burton & Wallace, auctioneer; T W Keesee, do; D H Atkinson & Co, furniture dealers; R F Walker, "Examiner"; S H Owens & Sons, merchants; W F Price, do; G Z Miles & Bro, saddlers; O H Chalkley & Co, leather dealers; Wm Williamson, barber; Wm Wallace Sons, liquors and groceries; S C Greenhow, do; M Magnum, carriage maker; J A Cowardin & Co, "Dispatch."

The continuation of this street leads to "Shockoe Slip," in which there were a large number of offices occupied by commission merchants and some public rooms, among which were the "Virginia Slate Agency" and the "Tobacco Exchange."

14th STREET. - Office of the Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works; E E Bently, agent of the Cotton and Woolen Manufactory, Manchester; Wm Ryan, grocer; Richmond & Hitchcock, grocers; Samuel Hastings' estate, grocer; Spotts & Harvey, grocers; Confederate States Commissary Store; Rhodes, Wilson & Hart, hardware; Confederate States Clothing Department used several houses on this street; Wadsworth & Palmer, commission merchants; Robt Hough & Co., commission merchants; John McDonough, tailor; Mary Kumpner, confectioner; John Morgan, gun-maker; J V Hardwicke, tailor; Ellett, Bell & Fox, commission merchants and auctioneers; Alfred Moses, dry goods; Baughman & Richards, stationery; Ragland & Bro., grocers; Wm S Munson, grocer; John Knotte, grocer; G W Gary, printer; ___ Noland, tailor; ___ Tynal, tailor; N Bare, grocer.

VIRGINIA STREET. - A F & J D Harvey, commission merchants; James & Williams, commission merchants; R W Oliver, tobacco manufacturers.

15th STREET. - Stokes & Williamson, grocers and commission merchants; Wm B Jones & Co., grocers and commission merchants; C Baumern, boot and shoe maker.

STREETS NOT NAMED. - Samson & Pae, Iron Foundry; R A Gary, cooper; Franklin Paper Mill; R Archer & Co., iron and steel workers.

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