From the Lowell Daily Courier (Massachusetts), 3/11/1864

THE LIBBY PRISON. In the window of Mr. H. M. Ordway’s store, on Merrimack Street, may be seen a view of the Libby Prison, in Richmond, of which so much has been said. On a corner of the building is the sign – “Libby & Son, Ship Chandlers,” and in the foreground are tents, probably for the use of the guard. The picture bears the inscription of “Rees, Richmond, Va,” probably the original photographist. The picture on exhibition was copied by Mr. Alfred Ordway, of Boston. At the same place may also been seen a novelty in the photograph line, being printed on ground glass, and intended as a transparency to hang in the window or to use in making a lamp shade. Used in the latter capacity, one need not be lonesome at the round table in the evening.

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