From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/13/62, of Bellevue Hosp.


Richmond, Nov. 13th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medical Director,
                                                                       I have the honour to report that I visited, on Nov. 10th, "Bellevue Hospital" for the second time. Its capacity is 50 bed - 14 were inmates. Since the commencement of the Hosp. until now, officers and men have been indiscriminately inmates and have been reported and charged for. Surgeon Jas. Bolton is in charge also the owner and manager of the Hospital. R. W. King , A.S. P.A.C.S. is also on duty, and Hospital Steward B. A. Dew, appointed by the Sec. of War has been on duty here for some time.

The Monthly report for September shows that 33 were in the Hospital Sept. 1st - 13 were admitted during the month - aggregate 46, yet of this number, none were returned to duty, sent to Convalescent hospital or discharged, & only 3 furloughed & 43 remained October 1st.

Six nurses and two cooks are reported as the attendants engaged. By referring to the report No. ____ You will observe my recommendation. I will particularly urge as my advice that the good of the service requires that all privates & commissioned officer be withdrawn from this & other private hospitals, & that Surgeon Bolton be informed that no report of the inmates of this Hospital other than of others in private quarters & further that if less than 35 officers are reported as in private quarters, that the Asst. Surgeon on duty with him be relieved, & that for every 35 officers in private quarters over 70 reported, another Medl officer be detailed for that duty.

In answer to Surgeon Bolton's request for information as to whether the nurses & cooks of this Hospital will be employed & paid by the government, I think it is plain that no obligation rests upon it to do so, more than to pay the hotel & board bills of other officers in private quarters.

Very Respectfully,
    Your Obedient Servant,
        Wm. A. Carrington
             Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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