From the Richmond Times, 10/10/1900, p. 5, c. 1

Interesting Relics Discovered in Miss Van Lew’s Residence.
The Appraisers Have Not Completed Their Work – Some of the Property to Be Sent to Boston for Sale.

Many curious articles have been found in the late residence of Miss Van Lew by the appraisers of her personal estate. Most of them were discovered in the garret. Among the most interesting of the relics is a woman’s dress, made entirely of Confederate material. It would, as well as could be judged, fit a person of about the build of the late Miss Van Lew. It is presumed she wore it during the Civil War on some occasion, or occasions, as a disguise.

A splendid sword, one of the character carried by officers of almost gigantic stature, during the Civil War, was found. Among other things in the collection were discovered a hat and a bonnet, such as were worn about seventy-five years ago by Quakers.


Miss Van Lew had many boxes of books, some of them very rare. They would make a very fine library. Two wills – one made in the early part of 1896, and the other in the latter part of that year – were discovered. They do not differ materially from the will recently made and probated. They go more into detail as to what should be done with the property. These wills were turned over to Mr. J. R. V. Daniel, counsel for the estate, who drew the last will.


Among other relics discovered was a pair of buckskin pants, made about seventy-five years ago. They present the appearance of having never been worn.

All of the relics that are likely to bring good prices are to be sent to Boston to be sold. Messrs. Otis H. Russell, B. C. Cook, Henry M. Tyler, Becker and Davis are the appraisers. There are no new developments with reference to what shall be done with the real estate.

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