From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/21/1903, p. 14, c. 6

Capitol Square and Davis Monument.

Editor of the Times-Dispatch:

Sir, - May I ask through your columns why the Davis monument is not placed in the Capitol Square? It would seem all right to put the Stuart monument in Monroe Park or near the Lee monument, but as Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, it would seem most fitting that the monument to the President of the Confederacy should be placed in the Capitol Square. If it is to be an arch, then let it span the walkway from the Capitol towards the White House; if a temple, then why not have it on the grass plot between the Capitol and the White House?
                             A. D. C.

We cannot answer for the committee, but we guess that the reason they do not choose a site in the Capitol Square for the Davis monument is that they do not wish to place their monument where it will be overwhelmingly overshadowed by the finer and costlier Washington monument. What site they will ultimately select we cannot say.

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