From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/2/1903, p. 2, c. 3

Well-Known Artists to Compete for Stuart Monument.
Will Be 25 Feet High.

The Executive Committee of the Stuart Monument Association met last night at Lee Camp Hall and spent an hour or more talking over the plans of the monument to be erected to the memory of “Jeb” Stuart, the great cavalry leader.

The designs for the statue will be submitted on July 15th, when the decision of the choice will be made. Captain M. J. Dimmock, chairman of the committee which has this matter in charge, stated last night that some of the most prominent artists in the country will enter the competition. Two very distinguished sculptors, however, will not. One is St. Gaudens, the other Valentine, of Richmond. Neither of these gentlemen ever enter into competitions. But the committee decided to give all a chance to try their hands.

It has been decided that the pedestal will be about ten feet high and will be built of Virginia granite. Captain Dimmock will give personal direction of this. If the monument be placed in the Capitol Square the pedestal will be put upon a made elevation, high as the floor of the Capitol portico. The top of the pedestal will then be ten feet above this. The horse and rider will be another ten or twelve feel, making the black plumes of the peerless cavalier not less than some twenty-five feet above the level of the Square.

The matter of having the monument elsewhere in the city will be taken up a little later on, but some of the committee are in favor of holding to the purpose of erecting the monument in the Square and receive the $10,000 appropriated by the Legislature for that purpose. If the monument goes elsewhere the city will have to give a good deal more in money and the site as well.

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