From the Richmond Sentinel, 9/26/1863

Virginia Army Agency. - Do our Virginia people know that they now have the opportunity of sending, safely and speedily, clothing or other supplies to their relatives and friends in the army? This agency supplies a want long and deeply felt by our troops and people. The agent in charge is heartily interested in the successful organization and conduct of the work, and desires that it shall be fully known to the country in order that all may avail themselves of its use.

A register of all the sick in the city is kept at the agent's depot; and persons coming to the city, in search of sick relatives or friends, will find this register a valuable aid. A conveyance to Chimborazo Hospital is at the depot every day, at 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M., to convey contributions to the sick or wounded in that hospital, or to accommodate persons who desire to visit the hospital.

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