From the Richmond Examiner, 2/2/1866, p. 3, c. 4

THE NEW PUBLICK STATE GUARD – ITS ORGANIZATION FOR DUTY. – The new State Guard, formed under the authority of an act of the Legislature by Captain E. S. Gay, of the “Old Guard,” went on duty yesterday morning at the Governours Mansion, the Capitol, the Bell House and the Square, to the guarding of which publick buildings and property their duties are limited at the present. The Penitentiary is temporarily made the rendezvous of the Guard until other quarters can be secured. Here the roll is called every morning, and the details made for duty. E. H. Smith, Jr., of Dinwiddie, is First Lieutenant of the Guard, having received his appointment from the Legislature. Lieutenant Smith is a graduate of the University, and has considerable military experience.

The pay of the enrolled men is eleven dollars per month, with quarters and commutation of rations. The organization is not yet full, and a few more young men of good antecedents can, by early application, have their names admitted upon the muster roll. The jurisdiction of the Publick Guard will be eventually extended to the Penitentiary.

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