From the Richmond Examiner, 1/13/1866, p. 3, c. 4

MORE EVACUATION PLUNDER BROUGHT TO LIGHT. – It has always been suspected that the negroes reaped their harvest on evacuation day, and the goods are now turning up, hid in negro hovels, when it becomes necessary for the police to make descents upon them. Alexander Hamilton, the negro arrested on Monday for having in his possession a quantity of silverware, the property of A. L. Ellett, one of the city Magistrates, was of those who made their “jack” on that day. Yesterday Captain Kelley and Sergeant Moore, of the city police, visited the house of one of his reputed wives, on Jackson street, and therein found a trunk crammed with stolen articles, jewelry, silverware, &c. They also found the certificate of his marriage with one of his wives. Alexander Hamilton now stands a chance of being tried for two offences – larceny and bigamy.

Persons who think they can recognize in the articles their own property can apply to the office of the Second Police Station. Among the articles in the trunk is a magnificent white merino cloak, quilted with orange coloured satin, a felt hat, fine satin bonnet, razors, two coats, ladies’ skirt, white, trimmed with black.

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