From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/3/1864, p.1, c. 6 and 7

Judge Meredith’s Court. – Judge Meredith delivered his opinion yesterday in the habeas corpus case of Dr. A. E. Peticolas, testing the right of the County Justices to make him testify with regard to a duel recently fought by Messrs. John M. Daniel and E. C. Elmore. Taking the ground that neither of the statues of the Legislature nor the Constitution and Bill of Rights of Virginia ever intended that a witness should testify against himself in a matter in which he was particeps criminis, the Judge decided that Dr. Peticolas could not be compelled to answer any questions which he thought might criminate himself; and therefore he reversed the decision of Justices Riddick and Lee committing the Doctor to jail for contempt of court in refusing to answer certain questions propounded to him by Mr. John B. Young, the county prosecutor. At the conclusion of Judge Meredith’s remarks, Mr. Young game notice that he should procure a writ of error and take the matter before the Court of Appeals.

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