From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/5/1864, p.1, c3

Middle District Association. – This body, composing twenty-five Baptist Churches in Chesterfield, Powhatan and Amelia is now holding its annual sessions at Branch’s Baptist Church, five miles from Manchester. – William Wintree, Esq. is moderator, and Rev. H. G. Crews, clerk. Rev. J. J. D. Renfroe preached the introductory sermon.
Rev. Mr. Dickinson spoke in behalf of the orphans of deceased soldiers, and raised a large sum – Mr. W. B. Chalkley headed the amount with a donation of $500. Two per sons agreed to adopt each an orphan and provide for its maintenance and education.

The meeting is a very pleasant one and is largely attended. Today several interesting subjects will be discussed.

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