From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/5/1864, p.1, c3

A Soldier Shot. – When the train was about leaving the depot in Petersburg for this city yesterday afternoon, a soldier named Murdershaw, a member of the Ninth South Carolina regiment, Kershaw’s brigade, attempted to get on, but had not a proper pass, and was prohibited by the guard at one end of the cars from doing so. He then went round to the other end, and, unobserved as he thought, jumped on, with the intention of coming over to this city. In a short time after, however, just as the train was opposite Dunlop’s farm, a few miles from Petersburg, the lieutenant of the guard, who had noticed his movements, walked through the car to where he was, and told him to consider himself under arrest. Murdershaw immediately sprang from the train and ran off in the direction of the woods, whereupon the lieutenant followed his example, and finding that he would not halt upon being ordered to do so for the third time, he fired the barrel of a revolver at him, which took effect in his right side, inflicting a wound which it is thought will prove fatal. The wounded man was taken to a hospital in the vicinity of the occurrence, and the train then continued on to this city. The train, at the time, was moving very slow, or else serious consequences might have resulted from jumping off.

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