From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/4/1864, p.1, c 5

The Reported Defalcation in the C. S. Treasury. – Rumor has been rife for some days past of a heavy defalcation, involving millions of dollars, in the Treasury Department. It is stated by an officer of the department that they have no foundation in fact. After a most rigid examination of the books of the department, not a dollar’s defalcation has been discovered, and the accounts of the concern, which have all been made out up to Tuesday morning, satisfactorily show what funds have been received and paid out, and what now remain in the Treasury. It is further asserted that the examination of Boyd, the detective, who was thrown into Castle Thunder a few days ago on the charge of offering a bribe to Craddock not to inform upon certain alleged defaulters high in authority will clear up the whole mystery and fully explain how the alleged exaggerated canard came to be put in circulation.

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