From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/5/1875, p. 4, c. 5

By J. Thompson Brown,
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer,
No. 1113 Main street.

     TRUSTEE’S SALE OF THAT VALUABLE MILL-SITE WITH TWENTY-FIVE ACRES, IN THE COUNTY OF HANOVER, KNOWN AS GAINES’S MILL, ON THE COLD HARBOR ROAD, NINE MILES FROM RICHMOND; ALSO, TWENTY-FIVE ACRES OF VALUABLE WOODLAND NEAR THERETO. By virtue of a deed of trust executed to me as trustee on the 27th on May, 1874, by William F. Gaines, and duly recorded in the clerk’s office of Hanover County Court, to secure a certain bond therein mentioned, and default having been made in payment of said bond, I shall, in part execution thereof, being required so to do by the beneficiary, sell at public auction, on the premises, on TUESDAY the 10th day of August, 1875, at 3 o’clock P. M., a portion of the property therein described as follows:
     That certain MILL-SITE, with TWENTY-FIVE ACRES OF LAND adjacent thereto, in the county of Hanover, on the Cold Harbor road, and known as Gaines’s Mill, conveyed to said Gaines by the trustees of William and Mary College by their deed dated about 1851. Also, TWENTY-FIVE ACRES OF WOODLAND near to and about three-quarters of a mile southwest of the said mill-site, and on the road leading to Mechanicsville, and adjoining the lands of Thaddeus Tally, Walker Hogan, and Parks Martin, and conveyed to said Gaines by William S. Overton about 1853.

     TERMS: Made known at sale.
                                                                                                             D. A. BROWN, JR., Trustee.
J. THOMPSON BROWN, Auctioneer.
au 5, 7, 14, 21, 23, 24

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