From the Richmond Dispatch, Tuesday, 5/18/1869, p. 1, c. 4

FUNERAL OF DR. BOLTON. – The remains of the late Dr. James Bolton were on Sunday afternoon conveyed to the Monumental church, where the funeral service was read in the presence of a crowd so large as to occupy all the available sitting-room in the building, and to make it necessary for many to stand in the aisles and vestibules.

The service for the burial of the dead was read by Rev. Dr. Woodbridge, of whose church the deceased was a member, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Minnigerode, Rev. Dr. Peterkin, and Rev. William Baker. Rev. Messrs. Wall, Dashiell, and other ministers, were also present.

The procession to the grave was unusually large, embracing a large number of our best citizens, besides a majority of the practicing physicians of the city. Messrs. Thomas U. Dudley, R. H. Meade, O. A. Crenshaw, J. H. Tyler, R. C. Hall, John A. Cunningham, W. W. Parker, and F. H. Deane, acted as pallbearers.

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