From the Richmond Whig, 3/14/1854, p. 1, c. 4

NOTICE. – The subscriber has admitted into his business, at the “Tredegar Rolling Mills,” as partners, on the first instant, Mr. CHARLES Y. MORRISS, of Buckingham, and Mr. RO. S. ARCHER, of this city – the business to be conducted under the firm of ANDERSON, MORRISS & CO.

The Subscriber begs leave to thank his numerous Correspondents and Customers for their uniform kindness extended to him through a long series of years, and respectfully asks a continuance of their confidence in behalf of his successors.


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Richmond, January 25, 1854.


TREDEGAR ROLLING MILLS. – The undersigned are prepared to manufacture all descriptions of Bar Iron, say Rounds, Squares, Flats, Ovals, Half Rounds, Horse Shoes, and all other descriptions of Iron usually required in the pursuits of the country, both Mechanical and Agricultural.

To Railroad Companies – They are prepared to offer Axles and Bridge Bolts, of any lengths and sizes, Wrought Iron Railroad Chains and Spikes – the two latter being made by Patented Machines, that are unsurpassed in the country for completeness and efficiency; and they respectfully invite Engineers and others, to call and examine these Machines, and the articles produced.


ja 26

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