From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/17/1854, p. 2, c. 4

HOSPITAL HILL. – There is not another location in the neighborhood of the city so admirably adapted to a burying-ground, as Hospital Hill; and as the eastern portion of the city is very much in need of a Cemetery, we think it would be good policy in the Council to secure its condemnation promptly, and have it enclosed and improved. Shockoe Hill burying-ground is so rapidly filling up, that it will require only five or ten years at farthest to fill every vacant space with the dead, and then there will be no spot, except “Hollywood,” which is entirely too inconvenient for those persons residing east of 17th street, in which to lay the last remains of friends and kindred. Hospital Hill is one of the most beautiful places we know for a Cemetery, and as it is fit for but little else, we hope it may be selected and at once dedicated as the receptacle of the dead.

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