[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital #6]

Genl Hospl No. 6

The officer of the day is required to remain at his post until relieved. It is also expected that he will visit each ward once after 12 o'clock at night and see that guards and nurses are awake and attending to their duties. The Corporal of the Guard is ordered to visit each ward constantly during the night, he will also attend to relieving the Guard and Nurses, any of whom should he find sleeping or otherwise neglecting their duties, he will arrest and report them to Surgeon in Charge.

Any nurse found asleep while on duty will be severely dealt with.

The ward master is expected to inspect each ward every morning and see that it has been properly cleansed, that all beds are made up and supplied with clean linen. He is particularly charged with supplying each patient with clean clothes and attending closely to the Laundry.

The Steward will attend to making out requisitions, furnishing supplies, and seeing that the Kitchen is kept clean and that the patients of the Hospital have an abundant supply of well cooked food. He will also exercise a general supervision over the Hospital and invariably report anything wrong to officers of the day or Surgeons in Charge.

B. C. Fishburn

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