Ledger of Confederate Hospital Practice, University of Southern Mississippi, McCain Library and Archives; Series III, p. 4. [Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 3]


Genl Hospital No. 3

Each Medical officer is requested to see that the portion of the ward under his charge is kept clean the floor to be washed out daily at ten o'clock by wet clothes and drybrushed if necessary.

The ward masters are required to be present in the ward through the entire day, never absenting themselves more than twenty minutes at a time.

They are responsible to the Medical officers for the cleanliness of the wards.

At least one Medical attendant must be in the Hospital at all times.

No employee or subordinate officer (the Asst Surgeon excepted) must leave the Hospital for a greater time than fifteen minutes without first obtaining the permission of the Surgeon in Charge.

The Asst Surgeon attached to this Institution are required hereafter to be present at the Hospital for the purpose of visiting the sick from 9 AM to 12 M and from 4½ PM to 5½ PM.

Hereafter all patients in this Hospital are required to take there beds by 10 o'clock PM. It is the duty of the ward master to see that this regulation is strictly observed. Patients must confine themselves to one bed – this regulation must be observed or the offender will be punished.

Knapsacks of clothing, firearms and weapons of every description must be left in the office.

Convalescents must not annoy the sick by loud talking and laughing.

No patients or attendants is permitted to sit in the windows or on the steps leading to the wards.

Any patient found intoxicated in this Hospital will be imprisoned until he can be transferred to the Provost Marshall for punishment.

No Smoking allowed in the wards.

Any patient who spits on the floor or deposits any filth about the Hospital will be required to clean it up.

No patient can leave the Hospital without the consent of the Surgeon in Charge.

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