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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for Louisiana Hospital]

Louisiana Hospital

1st The Morning visit will take place at 8 o'clock AM, the evening visit at 4 PM. All patients will remain in their wards. Those not present at the morning and evening visits will be returned to their regiments or if not well enough will be punished by bread and water for 24 hours. The bell will be sounded for visits.

2nd The assistant Surgeon will report daily after the morning visits to the clerk or secretary the number of vacant beds, deaths, desertions, and transfers occurring in their respective floors. They will see that the Resident Students attend to their duties.

3rd The assistant Surgeon on duty will register on the Surgeons book the names, rank, regiment, and company of each patient entering the hospital with the number of the bed assigned to him. The diagnosis of each med case will be carefully made and entered in the same book after the morning visits by the assistant Surgeon having the patient in charge.

4th It will be the duty of the student to see that the medicine and diet prescribed are administered to the patients, and the nurses attend faithfully to their duties. In case of any death occurring in their wards they will see that a card with the name, rank & regiment, company, and date of death is pinned upon the breast of the deceased before the body is removed.

5th In prescribing alcoholic stimuli the assistant Surgeon will be particular to state the number of bed, the quantity, and the mode of administration. Alcoholic stimuli and special diet will be prescribed in the diet book.

6th In no case whatever will Liquor be issued by the Sisters to any of the Employees of the Hospital without a special order from the Chief Surgeon.

7th The Prescription as well as the Diet Book will be signed by the Assistant Surgeons.

Regulations for the Medical Officers

Chief Surgeon

  1. The Chief Surgeon has the entire control of the medical and surgical treatment of all the patients in the Hospital.
  2. All officers of the Hospital are under his direction and control.
  3. He has also the general management of the Hospital under the control of the Executive Committee.
  4. The Chief Surgeon makes his general visits at a fixed hour after which he may come back to the Hospital in the course of the day.

Assistant Surgeons, Students, and Apothecary

  1. The Assistant Surgeons will visit their respective wards twice a day, afternoon if necessary. Each shall be attended by one of the students.
  2. The general morning visits will take place at 9 o'clock & the evening visit between 4 & 5 PM.
  3. It shall be the duty of the Assistant Surgeons to give the Chef Surgeon at the time of his visit all the information which they may think necessary concerning the patients in their respective wards.
  4. The Assistant Surgeons shall be present at all Surgical operations and their respective duties at such operations shall be assigned to them by the Chief Surgeon.
  5. In the absence of the Chief Surgeon at the time of the general visits the Assistant Surgeons will prescribe for all the patients in his and their respective wards.
  6. The Assistant Surgeons and students will in turn be on duty at the Hospital. When a student shall be on guard he must call up one of the Assistant Surgeons whenever the gravity of the case shall render it necessary.
  7. The Assistant Surgeon and students on duty shall remain at the Hospital during twenty four hours beginning at the time of the Morning visits. During which time they shall not be allowed under any circumstances to leave the Hospital grounds. He shall sleep in the Surgeons Room, visit the wards often, and shall prescribe for all sick soldiers entering the Hospital during the time of his Guard and will conjointly with the clerk designate the number of the bed and ward when such soldiers must be sent.
  8. Whenever it may be necessary the Assistant Surgeons with the consent of the Chief Surgeon shall make post mortem examinations.
  9. All the Assistant Surgeons shall not be absent from the Hospital at the same time.
  10. The Assistant Surgeons, in the absence of the Chief Surgeon and among them, the senior commissioned, shall have the direction of the Medical dept of the Hospital.
  11. The Resident students or dressers shall perform all the duties generally attached to that situation in all other Hospitals. They will be divided and attached to the Surgeon and Assistant Surgeons wards as aides and under the control of these Surgeons.
  12. It will be the duty of the Resident students to keep the Prescription books.
  13. After the visit they will make for the Pharmacy a list of the Prescriptions, and for the Steward a list of the different diets prescribed.
  14. They shall also be present at the morning visit of the Surgeon and Assistant Surgeons and shall never all be absent together from the Hospital, two of the students having to be at Hospital all the time.
  15. The Student will have to perform any special duty which may be given to them by the Chief Surgeon.
  16. The Apothecary shall keep the same office hours as the clerk. He will especially be at his post at the tie of the Morning and evening visits.
  17. His duties will be to prepare all the medical prescriptions ordered by the Chief Surgeon or the Assistant Surgeons at their visits or any other time. He shall also have to prepare all officinal preparations which are usually prepared in Apothecary shops and laboratories.
  18. As soon as possible, the Assistant Surgeons, Resident students, Apothecary, Treasurer, and Clerk will have to be in uniform when on duty and at the general morning and evening visits. Assistant Surgeons will wear the C. S. A. uniform for Medical Staff Officers. The Students, Apothecary, Treasurer, and Clerk shall wear deep blue pants, vests, and frock coat of same material and cap with C. S. A. buttons, one inch plain gold band on the shoulders and around the cap with La H on the cap also.
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