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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for Howard's Grove Hospital]

Genl Hospl Howards Grove

[Assistant Surgeons]

It shall be their duty to assist the Surgeon in enforcing the rules of the Hospital. They will visit their patients twice a day, oftener if necessary, will write each prescription in full with the name of the patient and the number of his bed in every case. In prescribing Alcoholic stimuli of any kind, they will specify the quantity each shall receive with directions in full for its administration. They will see that the patients get the diet prescribed will report to the clerk by 11 o'clock AM daily all deaths, desertions, and the number of vacant beds occurring under their charge. One Assistant Surgeon will e required to be on duty day and night.


It shall be his duty t keep the books and perform all the writing the Surgeon may require.

Ward Master

He will be required to label the baggage of Patients with the name, rank, regiment, and company together with the ward and number of bed, to take charge of the effects of patients, to register them in a book (form 9), to receive from the Steward the furniture, bedding, cooking utensils & for use keep a record of their (form 10) condition distributed to the wards and kitchen and once a week (Monday) take an inventory of the articles in use and report to him any loss or damage and return to him such as are not required for use. When a patient dies he will pin on his breast previously to committing his body to the dead house his name rank, regiment and company, number of bed, and the ward in which he died, and report the same to the clerk. Section ward masters will not receive a patient in their wards unless he has a permit from the clerk. These permits, together with orders for transfer of patients from beds or wards will be filed away as vouchers.


He will be required to take care of the Hospital stores and supplies to enter in a book (form 8) the issues to the ward masters, cook, and nurses, to prepare the provisions, returns, receive and distribute the rations, is responsible for the cleanliness of the wards, patients, attendants, kitchen and all articles in use.


It shall be his duty to compound all prescriptions carefully ordered by the Surgeons attached to the Hospital. He will not fill a prescription unless the name of the patient and the number of his bed is given. And in no case will he issue alcoholic stimuli unless it be prescribed by a Surgeon and the quantity indicated with directions for its administration in every case.


It shall be their duty to administer the medicine and diet prescribed and see that the patients do not violate any of the rules in the Hospital.


It shall be their duty to take the medicine and diet ordered, observe the utmost cleanliness. Spitting on the floor and walls and smoking in the wards strictly prohibited. They will obey the nurses, ward masters, stewards, and all officers of the Hospital. No patients shall be rec'd until reported to the clerk. No transfer of patients from one bed or ward to another permitted unless ordered by the clerk. No officer, nurse, patient, cook, or laundress shall absent himself from the Hospital without leave.

Diet Table


Full bread 1/3 lb, Tea or Coffee 1 pint, Hominy and Molasses
Half bread 1/3 lb, Tea or Coffee 1 pint, Hominy and Molasses
Low bread 1/4 lb, Tea 1 pint, Gruel 1/2 pint


Full Beef or Mutton 1/2 lb, Soup 1 pint, bread 1/3 lb, vegetables
Half Beef or Mutton 1/4 lb, Soup 1 pint, Bread 1/3 lbs, Potatoes and Rice
Low Gruel 1 pint, Milk 1 pint


Bread 1/3 lb, Tea or Coffee 1 pint
Half Bread 1/3 lb, Tea or Coffee 1 pint
Low Bread 1/4 lb, Tea 1 pint, Gruel 1/2 pint

Veal, Fowls or Bacon such quantities in lieu of Beef or Mutton as Medical Officers may prescribe. The attending Surgeon orders what he wishes to the above diet to suit any individual case in the Hospital.

C. D. Rice
Surg. in charge

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