Charles Dimmock Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Ord. Dept.
May 14, 1861

Major Genl Lee


This Dept. is greatly behind you requisitions, not withstanding ever man is at work. I may say night and day, to take the men (only two or three all we have that understand the putting up shells) away from the field shells and shrapnels for the batteries waiting and to put them at work on Navy duties, is giving us no chance to meet the just expectations of the field troops. Besides, Genl, it is some weeks since by your order the charge of cannon for stationary batteries and the ammunition for them were assigned to the Navy Dept, leaving me in charge of the field troops and batteries – and yet my Dept has been called upon to continue to prepare ammunition for both. I took the [page break] liberty to say to Capt. Miner at the time you gave the order for separation that I would if he wished get a large tobacco factory in which he could establish a Navy Laboratory, but this has not been done. I think that it is not right to put both duties upon me and do hope the enclosed order may be countermanded.

Very Respectfully,
C. Dimmock
Col. Ord.

Respy referred to Capt. Banon – Can you not make arrangements to supply the ammunition for this battery. The foot & field troops are suffering for ammunition.

R. E. Lee,
Maj. Gen.
14 May

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