From the Richmond Enquirer, 1/6/1862

CONFEDERATE STATES PRISON HOSPITAL. – We lately paid a visit to Hospital No. 1, attached to the military prisons on Main street, designed for the bodily care of such sick Yankees as may fall into our hands, and require the services of the surgeon. We found the Hospital in charge of Dr. Owen B. Hill. The neatness of the establishment and the system pursued in the management of cases coming under his charge, struck us as reflecting the utmost credit on the abilities of Dr. Hill, who is a Virginian by birth, and one in whose advancement in the path of medical distinction many friends in Richmond will take just pride. Judging from the conversation of the debilitated subjects of King Lincoln, under the Doctor's charge, we should say they were well pleased with their medical attendant, and felt a perfect security in his ability to ward off from them all the evils that flesh is heir to, and that might afflict them in the pursuit of glory down South. We could do no more than wish the doctor success in his benevolent mission. The appointment being, as we have said, popular with those who are called upon to know and feel its effects, it will be conceded that General Winder's sagacity in the selection has been well displayed.

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