From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/5/1862

FEDERAL OFFICERS CAPTURED IN THE RECENT BATTLE. - The whole number of prisoners of war, from the battles which have transpired before Richmond within the last ten days, now within the corporate limits, amount to 4,400. We publish below an official list of the names of the commissioned officers of the Federal army who had arrived up to four o'clock yesterday afternoon, all of whom have been removed to a prison set apart for their especial accommodation, on 18th street, between Main and Cary.
Major General A McCall
Brigadier General J F Reynolds
Brigadier General Rankin
Brigadier General Sumner [erroneous - Sumner was wounded, and recovering in the North]
Brigadier General Meade [erroneous - Meade was not captured]
[remaining list of officer-prisoners, totaling 138, not transcribed]

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