From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/21/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Escaped. – Michael Gately, a prisoner, confined in the Guard-House on Franklin street, effected his escape on Friday night, by cutting a hole through the room of the floor in which he was confined. On the 9th of April Gately was transferred from Castle Godwin to the Guard-House. It appears that for eight or nine years past, Gately has been a citizen of Fredericksburg, Va., exercising all the rights of citizenship, such as making himself busy at elections, voting, &c. On the appearance of one of Gov. Letcher's proclamation, he left Fredericksburg between two days, and appearing in Richmond, made the requisite affidavit, and was furnished with a "protection" from the English Consul in Richmond, as a British subject. These facts becoming known, Gately was arrested while making his way to Alexandria, Va. Confined for a short time in Castle Godwin, it was deemed proper to move his habitation to the Guard-House, when the result above narrated ensued.

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