From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/10/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Council Items.—By the report of the Engineer of the City of Richmond, for the fiscal year ending February 28th, 1862, rendered to the Council on Monday, it appears that the total amount expended for street improvements during that time was $31,395 95. By the same report, it appears that $50,611 87 was expended during the above period on the city aims house, water works, public grounds, buildings, &c.; of which amount $30,409 07 was expended on the alms-house, $1,000 in special repairs to the city jail, $8,816 92 on James river improvement, $5,777 90 on office building corner of 10th and Bank streets, $567 55 for painting the roof of Seabrook's Warehouse, $509 31 for improvements to Oakwood Cemetery, &c., &c.

At the same meeting of the Council, a communication was received from H. D. Whitcomb, Superintendent of the Virginia Central Railroad, asking permission to use the temporary track on Broad street to haul forty freight cars and five passenger cars from the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Depot to the Central road. The freight cars are to be used exclusively in hauling produce to Richmond. The Superintendent wished to connect the track crossing the streets on condition that the same be taken away as soon as the cars are removed. Permission was granted.

A resolution was adopted that the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings be instructed to inquire into the expediency of making such arrangements with the persons having charge of the erection of an armory for the volunteer companies of the city, on 9th, between Main and Cary streets, as will effect the speedy completion of said armory, and that said committee be authorized to take such steps as may be necessary to secure said armory to the city, provided that there be no objection on the part of those interested.

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