Prison-Life in the Tobacco Warehouse at Richmond. By a Ball's Bluff Prisoner - Harris, Lieut. William C., Philadelphia: George W. Childs, 1862.

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THESE sketches were written to lessen the tedium of my lengthy imprisonment; and if they serve to recall to my prison-companions the scenes enacted in the old Warehouse, and enlist the interest and sympathies of the reader, they will have accomplished all that is desired by the publication of them.

With the exception of "Homeward Bound," they were all written within prison-walls, and brought to the North sewn securely in the lining of an overcoat.

I confidently trust to my brother-officers for their testimony as to the fidelity of description of our "domestic economy," and the accuracy of detail in the varied incidents of our prison-life in the Tobacco Warehouse.

W. C. H.

Philadelphia, March 25, 1862.

Chapter 1 - From Ball's Bluff to Richmond

Chapter 2 - Our Prison

Chapter 3 - A Day in the Officers' Prison

Chapter 4 - A Day in the Privates' Prison

Chapter 5 - Pursuits and Pastimes

Chapter 6 - Prison-Incidents

Chapter 7 - Sunday in Prison

Chapter 8 - Our Jailers

Chapter 9 - Our Visitors

Chapter 10 - Prison-Companions

Chapter 11 - Homeward Bound

Chapter 12 - The Richmond Prison Association

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