John H. Winder Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Richmond, Va
April 23d 1863

The President:


We respectfully and cordially recommend Brig Genl John H. Winder for promotion to a Major Generalship.

His record shows his gallantry and good conduct as an officer in the war with Mexico. During the present war he has not had opportunity for distinction in the field, but this has been his misfortune and not his fault. He has, with the modesty and patriotism of a true soldier, been ready and willing to serve, with cheerfulness and alacrity, wherever he has been ordered. He has been entrusted with more arduous and no less responsible duties than those of field service, and has discharged them with fidelity and efficiency. His patience, industry and energy have been displayed in such manner as to command the admiration and thanks of those who have been residing or sojourning in this city since he assumed his command here.

He has never exhibited a prurient desire for promotion, or uttered complaints at the elevation of others above him who were his juniors in years and service. He has not sought or suggested this recommendation, and is indeed ignorant of its being made in his behalf. His unselfishness and modesty [page break] are no less rare than admirable, and have, together with his constant, active and useful labors in office, induced us to make this recommendation, and to ask of your Excellency its favorable consideration.

We are, Sir, most respectfully
Your most obedient servants,

C. C. Clay, Jr.
Geo. Davis
Thos. J. Semmes
Landon C. Haynes
James L. Orr
A. E. Maxwell
R. W. Johnson
R. L. Y. Peyton
John B. Clark
A. T. Caperton
Herschel V. Johnson
Louis Wigfall

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