Frederick C. Brauer File, M346, National Archives, p. 160

Provost Marshal’s Office
Richmond, Apl 28th 1863

This is to certify that in June 1862 Captain J. Warner A. A. Q. M. was ordered to perform quartermasters duty at the Provost Marshal’s office in Manchester and that Capt Wirtz – the Asst Provost Marshal at the post was shortly after ordered south on special duty, also that his clerk Mr. Peacock in charge of his business has since left this place.

I also certify that it is within my certain knowledge that said Capt. J. Warner A. A. Q. M., did furnish rations to the guard & prisoners of the Manchester department, and that Capt. T. S. Mosby (then Lieutenant) was stationed at said post at & since that time, and his certificate is reliable evidence in the matter.

E. Griswold
Maj. & P. M.

Capt. Mosby’s certificate attached.

Manchester, April 28th 1863

This is to state that to the best of my belief that rations were issued to the prisoners in the guard room in Manchester and to the company there on guard duty for the months specified as follows

For 15 days in the month

Of June 1862           1500

July 1862                  3100

August 1862            3100

September 1862    3000

I was not then in command being a Lieut of the guard but know that rations were issued by Capt. Warner A. A. Q. M.

Mr. Peacock the clerk failed to leave a correct account of the matter and I make this statement in justice to Capt. W. as to the probable amount of rations issued by him judging from recollection and the imperfect record.

F. S. Mosby,
Capt. Comdg Post

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