General Hospital #18 was also called Greaner’s  Hospital and Greanor’s Factory Hospital. It was formerly the tobacco factory of John H. Greaner (not to be confused with his father William’s factory at 19th and Cary Streets) which was built in 1853. John H. Greaner was a long-time member of the Richmond City Council and a distinguished soldier in the Confederate army. Although the name was legally spelled Greaner, the family often used Greanor.

The hospital opened in the Spring of 1861. On September 25, 1861 it listed 260 patients. It was turned into Confederate shoe factory on June 2, 1864 with 300 employees.

General Hospital #18 was located on the east side of 22nd Street, between Main and Franklin Streets at 9 North 22nd Street.

(from Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond by Robert W. Wait, Jr., Official Publication #22 Richmond Civil War Centennial committee, Richmond, Virginia 1964.)

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