From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/24/1945, p. 7, c. 6

Mrs. Krengel Seeks $5,000 Under WCA

Mrs. John E. Krengel, widow of John E. Krengel, 69-year-old patternmaker who was murdered and robbed while working at the Tredegar Iron Works last September 5, applied to the Industrial Commission of Virginia yesterday for $5,000 compensation under the Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Commissioner Parke Deans has set the hearing of the case of John E. Krengel versus the Tredegar company for January 31. The commissioner is scheduled to hear four other cases against the Tredegar company next week.

The case of Walter Evans versus the Tredegar company and that of Joseph Cheatham versus the same company have been set for January 24. Then on January 25 Commissioner Deans will hear the cases of James Hollingsworth and W. M. Purvis, both against the Tredegar company.

Commissioner Deans will hear the case of Lacy E. Hailer versus W. K. Hawkins Engineering Company on January 24. Other cases scheduled for January 25 are: James Lewis versus H. Metzger’s Sons, William W. Corbell versus Hofheimer’s, Inc., and Barton L. Brown versus Atlas Baking Company.

Cases set for hearing before Commissioner W. F. Robinson on January 26 are: John R. Bennett versus L. H. Jenkins, Inc., Beulah M. Kelly versus Friedman-Marks Clothing Company, W. M. Powell versus Baker Equipment Company, Eddie Clinton Cox versus Richmond Cold Storage, Inc., Lacy H. Doom versus Hankin-Johann Sheet Metal, Robert Jones versus Heflebower Transfer Company and Joe Jones versus Brooks Transportation Company.

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