From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/26/1944, p. 18, c. 5

Mystery Shrouds Krengel Slaying After 3 Months

The almost three-month-old Krengel murder mystery was still an enigma yesterday when Detective Sergeants E. A. Kelly and C. L. Brown indicated that two men arrested in North Carolina had no connection with the case.

Sergeants Kelly and Brown returned to Richmond yesterday after a special trip to Burlington, N. C., to investigate the two men.

However, bullets fired from the .22 caliber revolver found in the possession of the men held by North Carolina police were sent to the FBI laboratories to be compared with the bullet which killed John Ernest Krengel.

The 69-year-old pattern maker was murdered and robbed while working at the Tredegar Iron Works September 5.

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