From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/11/1866, p. 3, c. 2

THE UNION DEAD. – The following statement exhibits the number of interments of Union soldiers made by Lieutenant-Colonel Moore, A. Q. M., up to June 30, 1866: In the cemeteries in and around Washington, 19,815; Andersonville, Georgia, 12,912; Hampton, Virginia, 3,141; Belle Isle, Virginia, 155; Ball’s Bluff, Virginia, 51; Winchester, Virginia, 5,700; Cold Harbor, Virginia, 1,930; Malvern Hill, Virginia, 1,077; Seven Pines, Virginia, 1,335; Fort Harrison, Virginia, 746, to be increased to 3,000; Fredericksburg, Virginia, 2,442, to receive probably 15,000 bodies; Congressional Cemetery, District of Columbia, 151; Hollywood, Virginia, 237; Oakwood, Virginia, 210. The total number of bodies interred by the burial corps under Colonel Moore is estimated at 49,112, and it is supposed that 50,888 bodies yet remain to be removed and reinterred. The average expense attending the reinterment of each body is eight dollars. – National Republican.

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