From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/16/1862, p. 2, c. 6

THE DEAD AT OAKWOOD. – Oakwood Cemetery has been consecrated by the bones of several thousand of the gallant soldiers of the Southern army, who have fallen on the field, or by the hand of disease, during the present year. It is now a grand mausoleum of the brave, and their memory merits a more fitting testimonial than the mere mounds of earth that mark of marble, with some such plain but eloquent inscription as that which marked the grave of one of Germany's bravest and most gifted sons, Theodore Korner – "Forget not the Faithful Dead" – would throw over the spot a spirit of memorial association, far more suggestive and impressive, and betokening a more thoughtful and appreciative disposition, on the part of the living, than the bare graves, however touching their suggestiveness may be, can inspire.

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