From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/8/1869, p. 1, c. 3

A SHOCKING STATEMENT – THE BONES OF THE CONFEDERATE DEAD UNEARTHED AND BURNT. – We give place to the following communication in the hope that, if the statements therein contained are true, its publication may lead to the collection of the remains of our dead, to be deposited with “unknown” at Hollywood or Oakwood. We confess ourselves unwilling to believe that such barbarity is practiced almost within sight of the spires of Richmond:

To the Editors of Richmond Dispatch:

“Gentlemen, - Will you do me the favor of calling the attention of the memorial societies and the public to the following fact: Hearing, on Thursday last, that the bones of numbers of the Confederate dead were exposed to the dogs and the heartless hands of the tenant of the farm known as “Burton’s,” on which stands Fort Harrison, I, in company with two friends, went thither, and we saw in a small field northwest of the fort a sad and sickening sight. Within about four hundred yards of the fort lay on the ground about fifty, or more, bodies – or, the bones of the bodies – of our noble and brave Confederate dead, and in the adjacent bushes were four times the number. The skulls and other bones were gnawed by dogs; and, most horrible to relate, the tenant of the land had gathered up two large piles of the bones and burnt them to ashes.

“My heart bleeds for the relatives of our forgotten dead. I will not ask those tho remained at home, to enrich themselves, during the war to aid in burying these bones, but I appeal to those who fought the battles to meet me at Fort Harrison as soon as possible, and discharge this honorable duty. I can be found opposite Fort Harrison at any time.

                                                                          J. H. ALLEN,
                                                                         “formerly of Fifteenth Virginia regiment.
                                                                         “April 7, 1869.


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