From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/12/1862

Burial of the Dead. - It will be a source of much gratification to those who are interested in the condition of our hospitals, and in the health of this city, to know that authority has been given by the Secretary of War to the Hollywood Cemetery Company to extend the limits to an extent sufficient to provide for the burial of the dead of the army. The portion of the cemetery heretofore devoted to the burial of the soldiers of the Confederate army has been fully occupied, and it became necessary to obtain additional ground for the purpose. The following order was issued by the Secretary on an application from general Winder and the Chairman of the Army Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association:

JULY 10, 1862.

In view of the pressing emergency, the Hollywood Cemetery Company are authorized to extend their limits sufficiently to enable them to bury the dead of the army. In doing this they will be careful not to interfere with the reservoir or water pipes of the city.

Secretary of War.

The Hollywood Cemetery Company have an organized force, which can be increased to the extent required, for the speedy burial of the dead, and proper regard will be had in designating the position of each grave on a diagram preserved for reference. The friends of the soldiers may be assured that every attention will be paid by this company to the speedy and appropriate interment of the dead of our army.

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