List of Surgeons stationed in Richmond, VA at various times during the Civil War.

List of surgeons from M331, National Archives, who spent time working in Richmond. This list represents only those surgeons whose Compiled Service Records in the National Archives indicate service in Richmond. More names will be added as new information comes to light.

Key: S: Surgeon; AS: Assistant Surgeon; AAS: Acting Assistant Surgeon; Con. Surg.: Contract Surgeon

Name Rank
Agnew, James A. AAS
Allen, J. G. Con. Surg.
Alsop, George E. AS
Amiss, William H. AS 19th Miss, S Rich
Anderson, Charles E. AS
Anderson, P. E. Con. Surg.
Andrews, Henry F. AS 9th Ga., Rich, Richardson's Arty Bn
Archer, G. W. AS
Armistead, Burt AS
Armstrong, George AS 25th Va., Rich
Ashby, John Washington AS 7th Va., Rich
Babcock, Sidney E. AS 6th S.C., Rich
Babcock, William Henry AS
Baden, Joseph Abell S
Baker, Paul DeLacy S
Baker, Richard Henry Con. Surg.
Banks, Richard G. S
Barger, D. AS
Barham, R. G. AS
Barham, S. B. AAS
Barron, William Rowan AS
Barry, William Joseph AS 17th Ga., Rich, 4th Ala., Riley's Btty
Bosseau, R. M. [mis-filed as Basseau]
Bates, Charles A. AS
Baxter, Oscar F. S 50th Va., Richmond, Chaffin's Bluff
Baylor, John C. AS
Baylor, Robert B. AS
Beall, F. A. AS
Beckham, H. C. Con. Surg.
Bell, Marshall T. AS
Bell, William H. AAS
Bellinger, Amos N. AS
Bellinger, William AS
Bennett, T. J. AAS
Benton, Charles H. AS
Berrien, James Hunter S 3rd Va. Cav, Rich
Berry, David AS
Bishop, Milton AAS
Bissell, Henry E. AAS
Board, Charles A. AS
Boatwright, Jon G. S
Boggs, James N. AS, 9th Va. Bn., Rich
Boggs, Josiah N. AS, Rich, Harrsnbg, 48th Al. [note: these two Boggs share one CSR]
Boisseau, R. W. AAS
Bolan, Michael J. AS
Bolton, James S
Bondurant, Thomas L. AS 25th Va. Bn.
Boswell, Lewis A. AS Rich, Pegram's Btty., 1st Va. Bn. Hvy. Arty
Bowdoin, John R. AS
Bowen, John W. AAS
Bowie, Andrew AS
Boxley, James G. Con. Surg.
Boyd, William B. AAS
Bradley, Adam Given AS
Bradshaw, Charles Con. Surg. Drewry's Bluff
Bragg, J. C. AAS
Branch, J. A. AS
Branch, J. C. AS
Brantly, S. D. AAS
Bratton, James Rufus S
Braxton, Tomlin S
Bray, John L. AAS
Breckinridge, S. P. AS
Brewer, Charles AS
Bright, D. H. CS
Broaddus, C. C. AAS
Brock, Charles W. P. AS
Brock, Joseph Baldwin S
Broff, J. C. AAS
Brogden, Arthur AS
Bronaugh, J. W. AS
Brown, Henry  
Brown, Pike AS
Brumby, Georg McD AS
Brumley, J. J. AAS
Bunkley, J. T. AAS
Burdett, George M. AS
Burness, J. L. AS
Burrill, Blair AS
Burroughs, Alpheus J. AAS
Burruss, J. L. AAS
Burt, A. AAS
Burwell, Blair S
Cabell, John Grattan S
Cachere, Theodore AS
Caffey, Hugh William S
Calhoun, S. J. AAS
Cameron, Andrew Simon AAS
Cameron, S. C. AAS
Campbell, Henry F. S
Cannon, John L. AAS
Carleton, George Ed AS
Carmichael, Spottswood W. S
Carrington, George W. AS
Carrington, Paul S. S
Carrington, William A. Med. Dir. Of Va. Hospitals; S 7th Va.
Carroll, Robert Campbell AS
Carswell, William A. S
Carter, Charles Sidney S
Carter, James W. AAS
Carter, John F. AAS
Cary, N. R. AAS
Chachere, Theogene AS
Chaffers, Edmund AS
Chambliss, J. AS
Chapman, W. Davies [or Davis] AS
Cheatham, W. R. AAS
Cherry, Isaiah J. AS
Chiles, L. R. AAS Manchester, Va.
Chisolm, J. J. S
Christian, A. B. AAS
Christian, Henry B. AS
Christian, S. P. AAS
Christmas, Henry R. AAS
Clark, E. P. AAS
Clarke, David Means AS
Clopton, John AS
Coffin, William H. S
Coggin, William W. AS
Cole, William H. AAS
Coleman, Charles W. AS Wmsbg, Libby Prison
Coleman, Clayton G., Jr. AS 24th Va., Rich
Coles, Walter S
Collins, William A. AS
Compton, Samuel G. AAS, Rich, 18th Bn. Va. Hvy. Arty.
Conrad, John S. AS
Conway, V. Y. AAS
Corbin, N. M. AAS
Cousins, A. S. AAS
Cox, Gabriel H. AAS
Craig, Benjamin C. S
Crenshaw, O. A. S
Crump, L. C. AAS
Cullen, Charles K. AAS
Cunningham, Francis D. S
Cunningham, William D. AS
Curd, John R. AAS
Currin, Robert W. S at Drewry's Bluff
Curtis, Bartlett A. AS [filed as Curtiss]
Daingerfield, J. E. AAS
Dandridge, Thomas W. AS
Dannelly, F. Olin S
Davidson, Charles E. AS
Davidson, H. G. S
Davidson, William J. AS
Davis, G. W. AAS
Davis, H. W. AAS
Davis, J. F. M. AAS
Davis, James Frankling AS
Davis, Robert AS
Davis, William A. S
Day, A. B. AAS
Day, William Benjamin AAS
Dean, E. E. AAS
Dean, J. H. AAS
Dean, William E. AAS
De Butts, John AS
de Graffenreid, Edwin F. AAS
Dennis, T. C. AAS
DeRosset, Moses Jones S
Dickert, James O. AAS
Dickie, Willis Wyatt AS
Dickinson, Luther R. AS Naval Hosp., Ashland, Va.
Dickinson, Samuel T. AS
Dillard, Tolliver AAS
Dixon, William Cason AAS
Dold, Samuel M. AS
Dorset, J. Lewis CS
Doyle, Benjamin R. AS
Doyle, C. Watson AAS
Drew, Edward C. S
Dudley, John Gibson S
Duncan, J. A. AAS
Duncan, J. W. AS
Duncan, William AS
Dunkley, Charles Lee AS
Dunstan, Henry Vaughn AAS [has 2 CSRs]
Durham, Alexander F. CS
Eads, Benjamin Franklin AAS
Early, Orville, R. AS
Easley, William Sharp AS
Edmonds, Henry J. CS
Edmonds, William F. AS
Ekridge, A. W. AAS
Ellison, Francis C. AS
Elrad, A. CS
Emory, Richard AS
Engle, John C. L. AS
Epes, A. S. AS
Eppes, Edward Carter AS
Eskridge, A. W. Private Physician
Eubank, Thomas D. AAS
Eve, Robert C. AS
Eve, Sterling C. AS
Fairfax, Albert AS
Farmer, James AS
Farrar, William F. AAS, S 10th Bn. Va. Hvy. Arty.
Fergusson, William C. AS
Ficklin, Joseph Burwell S
Field, George Spotswood S
Finney, O. B. AAS
Fishburne, Benjamin Clay S
Fisher, Thomas H. S
Fleming, Malcom N. AS
Fletcher, Corbin D. S Wise's Bgd., Chaffin's Bluff, Richmond
Fletcher, J. R. AAS
Flud, Daniel AS
Ford, H. W. D. AS
Formento, Felix, Jr. S
Foulkes, Frank S
Fox, Addison C. AS
Fry, Francis T. S
Frye, T. B. J. AAS
Ganahl, Joseph S
Garlick, James H. AAS
Garnett, Alexander Y. P. S [has two consec. CSRs]
Garnett, Clarence L. S
Garnett, David S. AS
Garnett, S. C. AS
Gaskins, James H. AS
Gaston, J. B. S
Gatewood, W. K. AAS
Gay, M. W. AAS
Gay, P. F. AAS
Gee, E. C. S
Gibbons, E. P. AAS
Gibbs, William H. AAS
Gibson, Charles Bell S
Gildersleeve, John R. AS
Gillespie, O. H. AAS
Gothe, James H. AS
Goldsmith, William T. AS
Goodlett, Martin L. AAS
Goodman, John Charles AAS
Goodwin, J. AAS
Goodwin, William H. B. AAS
Gordon, Edwin Wade AS
Gravatt, John James S
Graves, George W. S
Gray, M. W. AAS
Green, James Mercer S
Gregory, John C. AS
Gresham, B. AAS
Griffin, Hamilton S
Gwathmey, W. H. Vol. Surg.
Guild, James S
Habersham, E. A. S
Habersham, S. E. S
Hall, John Edward AS
Hamer, A. W. AAS
Hamill, G. A. AAS
Hamilton, Alexander D. AS
Hamilton, John Alexander AS
Hamlin, Charles AAS
Hammil, G. W. AAS
Hammil, George A. AAS
Hammond, A. L. AAS
Hammond, W. M. CS
Hancock, Francis W. S
Hancock, Philip S. AS
Hardy, William A. AS
Haring, Julius AS
Harris, James O. AS
Harris, John R. AAS
Harris, Thomas A. S
Harrison, E. J. AS
Harrison, Jacob P. AS
Harrison, John Calhoun CS
Harrison, T. R. AAS
Harrow, John W. AS
Hart, Rollins Thompson AAS
Harvey, Granville AAS
Hatch, E. H. AAS
Hatch, J. H. AAS
Heath, Horace M. S
Heidt, William T. AAS
Henderson, Franklin B. AS
Henderson, N. P. S
Hendree, J. AAS
Henry, W. S. B. AAS
Herd, S. R. AS
Herndon, Brodie S., Sr. AS
Herndon, Dabney S
Herndon, James C. AS
Herring, N. B. AAS
Herring, William E. AS
Higginbotham, Edward G. S
Hill, Owen B. CS
Hill, W. P. AS
Hines, H. L. AS
Hines, James M. AAS
Hitt, Viginius G. AS
Hodnett, William H. AS
Holden, Randall AS
Holloway, James M. S
Holloway, Robert Graham AAS
Holman, W. A. CS
Hope, Jesse P. S 25th Va. Bn.
Hopkins, A. AAS
Hopkins, Henry St. George L. S
Howard, Marion S
Hoyt, William D. S
Hubbell, Stephen AS
Hughes, W. R. CS
Hunter, George Wilson AS
Hurd, Seth R. AS
Hurt, Richard Thweatt AS
Ingram, John AAS
Ingram, Thomas L. AAS
Jackson, Hugh Gordon AS
Jackson, John AAS
Jackson, John F. S
James, E. W. AAS
James, M. L. CS
Jenkins, Seabrook AS
Jennings, C. A. AAS
Jennings, Henry E. AAS
Johns, Edward W. S & Medical Purveyor in Rich
Johnson, Joseph Henry AS
Johnson, Richard L. AS
Johnston, A. A. AS
Jones, A. G. AAS
Jones, G. W. Dentist in Richmond
Jones, Jacob H. AAS
Jones, James H. AAS
Jones, Lafayette J. AS
Jones M. R. AAS
Jones, Montfert AAS
Jones, Thomas H. AAS
Jones , William HR. AAS
Keeling, Solomon S. AS
Kellam, Edwin Eslie AS
Kemble, William E. S
Kendrick, J. T. AAS
Kendrick, R. J. AAS
Kerr, John AAS
Kilby, John T. S
Kinchley, Thomas J. AS
King, George Stanly AS
King, R. W. AS
Kinyoun, John H. AS
Kinney, Thomas H. AS Hanover Academy, Staunton, Stuart Horse Arty
Kitchell, Nathaniel A. AAS
Kloman, William C. AS
Knowlan, W. S. AAS
Knox, John S
Lambert, Colin H. AS
Lane, A. G. S
Lane, George M. AAS
Latimer, Edwin W. AS
Lea, John Griffin AS
Leach, R. V. S
Ledbetter, William L.  
Leffers, James AS
Leftwich, John William AS
Lemley, John AAS
L'Engle, John C. AS
Leverett, F. P. S
Lewis, B. F. AAS
Lewis, R. F. AAS
Lewis, R. T. AAS
Lewis, Richmond A. S
Lewis, Samuel Edwin AS
Lightner, C. B. AS
Little, John P. AAS
Little, John R AAS
Lockett, Thomas J. AS
Logan, Joseph P. S
Lomax, Warren George AS
Long, John AAS
Lumpkin, George S
Lunday, R. W. S
Lynch, John S. AS
Lyons, Peter S
McCarty, James B. AAS
McCaw, James B. S
McClery, J. F. J. AAS
McClintock, J. L. AAS
McCulloch, T. Jeff. AAS
McKay, John P. AAS
McKennie, Marcellus AS
McKey, J. F. AAS
McKinney, D. R. AS
McLean, John K. S
McRae, C. C. AAS
MacRae, Colin C. CS
Mallett, William P. S
Mann, Charles T. AAS
Manson, Otis F. S
Marriott, Henry AAS
Marston, William W. S
Martin, E. N. AAS
Martin, Richard W. AAS
Mason, A. S. S
Maury, Thomas F. S
Mayer, E. N. AAS
Mayo, A. H. AS
Mayo, John C. AAS
Mayo, Marion L. AAS
Meade, H. Baylis AS
Meek, James T. AS
Melton, John Thomas S
Mercier, A. S
Meredith, Samuel S
Michel, Middleton S
Miller, J. J. AAS
Miller, James Watts CS
Miller, John F. S
Miller, John S. AAS
Miller, N. H. AAS
Milligan, J. A. S. S
Minge, John AS
Mitchell, Charles A. AS
Montague, Lewis B. AAS
Mood, James R. CS
Moore, A. L. AS
Moore, B. G. CS
Moore, J. G. CS
Moore, William J. S
Morgan, Isaiah D. S [also filed as J. D.]
Morris, William M. AS
Morris, William U. AS
Morrison, J. J. AAS
Morrison, S. J. AAS
Mortimer, J. F. AAS
Moseley, William X. S
Moss, C. D. AAS
Mudd, Josph A. AAS
Muldrow, Robert M. AS
Murdock, Russell AS
Murphy, John S. AS
Murphy, Samuel W. CS
Nevitt, Napoleon B. AS
Nichol, William L. AS
Nichols, William Charles S
Noble, H. P. AAS
Nolan, James F. AAS
Norman, Jason F. AS
Nowlin, William S. AS
Oates, David Dunlop AS
O'Bannon, J. J. AAS
O'Brien, Junius AS
Offutt, Thomas Z. AS
O'Keefe, Daniel C. S
O'Leary, Richard AS
Oliver, James H. AS
Overstreet, S. T. CS
Owen, George A. AS
Page, Robert P. S
Palmer, James J. CS
Palmer, Thomas M. S
Palmer, William M. AAS
Palmer, William P. S
Parker, Francis L. AS, Manassas, Rich, Chaffin's Bluff, etc
Patterson, Robert M. AAS
Patton, John Drury AS
Payne, John M. AS
Peachy, Benjamin St. George AS
Peachy, St. George Tucker S
Peak, Fred AAS
Pearce, James A. (or F.) S
Peebles, R. S. J. AS
Perkins, Philip Physic AAS
Perkins, T. P. AS
Peticolas, A. E. S
Pinkard, Horace M, S
Pleasants, James A. S
Pollard, James R. AS [died Jany. 1862]
Powell, E. AAS
Priest, F. M. AAS
Proctor, Thomas Albert AAS
Putney, William R. AS
Quesenberry, Vivian AS
Raines, B. F. AAS
Randolph, Richard H. AS
Read, A. W. S
Read, James B. S
Read, John Lafayette AS
Redwood, George Edward S
Rice, C. D. S
Richardson, W. F. AS
Richmond, Leonidas AAS
Ritchie, Robert R. AAS
Rivers, Capers M. AS
Rivers, George W. AS
Rivers, Mallory C. AAS
Rives, Edward S
Roberts, Emanuel M. AS
Roberts, George H. AAS
Robertson, Fenwick AAS
Roddy, Frederick William S
Ross, George AS
Rowe, Andrew Thomas AS
Rowe, Stephen D. AAS
Rutledge, Charles Abram AS
Sabal, Emile T. AS
Sams, Calhoun AS
Sartor, D. R. AAS
Saunders, Walton AS
Scarburgh, George T. AS
Scott, H. C. AAS
Scott, Martin P. S
Scott, Peter Franklin S
Scott, William Samuel S
Seabrook, E. M. S
Seabrook, John G. AAS
Seiker, E. A. AAS
Selden, Charles AS
Selden, William A. S
Semmes, A. J. S
Semple, G. William S
Shelton, E. T. AAS
Sherrod, John W. AS
Shields, Thomas P. AS
Shiff, Henry AS
Shillon, M. P. AAS
Shultze, Andrew F. AS
Sieker, E. A. AS
Simkins, J. J. S
Simmons, Sterling B. AS
Simpson, Edw. P. AAS
Sims, John AAS
Singletary, B. B. AS
Slater, Leonard A. S
Slaughter, Alfred E. AS
Smith, A. R. AAS
Smith, David B. AS
Smith, Edwin H. S
Smith, John E. AS
Smith, Mason W. AS
Smith, Samuel C. AS
Smith, Thomas AS
Smith, W. M. AS
Smith, W. T. AAS
Snelling, W. O. CS
Somerville, Walter AAS
Sorrel, Francis S Medical Insp of Rich. Hosps
Southgate, Robert S [died 3/23/1864 - misfiled bw Spencer & Spinks]
Sowers, James AAS
Spence, William A., Jr. S
Starke, Miles K. AAS
Stinson, Jack Bryant AS
Stone, Charles Benjamin AS
Stovall, Joseph B. AS
Strain, E. H. AAS
Strother, Robert Stoughton AAS
Strudwick, Edmond AS
Sutton, William T. S
Tabb, J. Prosser AAS
Talbot, Isham AAS
Talbott, John AAS
Taton, N. B. AAS
Tatum, Henry A. CS
Taylor, Archibald S
Teague, Thomas J. AAS
Tebbs, Thomas F. AS
Temple, Thomas P. S
Tennent, Gilbert CS
Terrell, Charles J. AAS
Thoma, William Alexander S
Thomas, Columbus A. S
Thomas, D. Wilson AAS
Thomas, Howell L. CS
Thomas, J. A. CS
Thomson, A. W. S
Thornley, James AS
Thorpe, Henry Rowan AS
Thurston, Robert AAS
Tinney, O. B. AAS
Tinsley, Alexander AS
Tompkins, J. W. AAS
Tucker, David S
Tucker, John H. AAS
Turner, J. D. CS
Turner, J. M. AAS
Turner, William Mason AS CSN (Naval Bn. At Ft. Drewry)
Tuten, N. B. AAS
Tyler, Tazewell S
Upshaw, William J. AS
Upshur, Thomas Harold W. AS
Vaiden, Joseph C. AS
Vallandingham, Irvin S. AS
Vest, Richard S. CS
Voorhies, Alfred H. S
Wager, E. Lee AAS
Wager, E. N. AAS
Walford, W. B. AAS
Wall, Alexander E. AS
Wall, John Perry AS
Wallace, Abel B. AAS
Wallace, Alfred AS
Ward, Alexander E. AS
Ware, J. E. H. CS
Warrren, Edward S
Warren, James M. AS
Warren, Watkins AAS
Washington, Willam August AAS
Watford, William Butler AAS
Watson, David S. S
Watson, James C. AS
Weems, George W. AAS
Weems, J. B. AAS
Wellford, A. N. AAS
Wellford, Beverly R. S
Wellford, J. S. S
Wells, Thomas AS
Wharton, John S. AS
Whistler, William Mac Neill AS
White, Franklin J. AS
White, Isaiah H. AS
Wilkins, John S
Williams, Bodisco AAS
Williams, E. F. AS [died 8/25/1864]
Williams, Ira AAS
Williams, J. E. S
Williams, J. M. AAS
Williams, J. W. AAS
Wilson, J. W. Contract Veternarian
Wilson, John C. AAS
Wilson, John S. CS
Wilson, Thomas Dubose AS
Wily, John B. AS
Wise, John J. CS Med. Ex. Bd.
Witsell, Charles S
Wood, E. N. S
Woodbridge, G. D. AAS
Woodson, Landon A. AS
Woodson, Philip T. AS
Wright, Daniel F. S
Wysong, Robert AAS
Young, Henry N. AS
compiled by Michael D. Gorman, November 2000,
from a list of Surgeon CSRs in M331 by R. E. L. Krick
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