From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/14/1869, p. 1, c. 6

THE SCATTERED DEAD – THE OAKWOOD ASSOCIATION TO OUR YOUNG MEN. – The plan of the Board of Managers of the Oakwood Association in regard to the neglected dead in the neighborhood of Richmond is explained in the subjoined communication, to which it is hoped that our citizens will promptly respond:

To the young men and citizens generally of Richmond: The Board of Managers of Oakwood Memorial Association held an informal meeting in the grounds of the Cemetery on the 10th, the object of which was to make some arrangements by which the remains of the brave men who perished at Malvern Hill and Fort Harrison may be cared for and interred in Oakwood Cemetery. The state of their treasury will not permit the Association to perform this work unaided, their only resource at present being the fund designed to be used in erecting a monument to the ‘Unknown Dead;’ and though unwilling to touch this fund for any other purpose than the one for which it is being collected, the Board have determined to appropriate a portion of it to what they feel a sacred duty – the work of removing the bones of the Confederate dead from the places above mentioned.

“Therefore an appeal is here made to the citizens, and young men especially, to co-operate with them, and beg that a meeting of all interested in this noble work may be called and a committee appointed to confer with the Board of Oakwood, that arrangements may be made at once for the interment of the remains in the Oakwood Cemetery, where they will (if it is found practicable to accomplish the work) be deposited in the spot designed for the monument to the “Unknown Dead.”

                                                “By order of the Board,
                                                “MRS. C. POYTHRESS,
                                                “Recording Secretary.”

It is expected that the Managers of the Hollywood Association will take some action in the same matter.


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