From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, 2/22/1862

Opening of St. Charles Hotel for Wayfaring Soldiers. - A committee of citizens, assisted by the Government, have rented this building and fitted it up for the purpose above indicated. One hundred neat cots and mattresses are already in place, and more will be supplied when necessary. Easy of access, commodious, neat, and comfortable, this establishment will afford to our soldiers a welcome retreat on their arrival in the city. The arrangements for furnishing meals are not yet complete, but lodgers have already begun to avail themselves of its beds. It will be the duty of hotel keepers, when turning away soldiers at night, to direct them to the St. Charles, or to the Lodge of the Young Men's Christian Association, on 10th street, between Main and Cary, and of citizens generally, who may encounter them when looking for lodgings, to point them to one of these places, at both of which they will receive, gratuitously, all that is necessary for their comfort.

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