From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/20/1863, p. 1, c. 6

City Council – Plan for the Defence of the City. – A special meeting of the City Council was held at 5 o’clock yesterday.

Mr. Burr presented the following report:

“The committee appointed for that purpose beg leave to report a plan for the military organization of the citizens and residents of Richmond for the defence of the city, in case of any sudden and unexpected attack from the enemy. Your committee believe there is every reason to look for a repetition of the raid which recently took us all by surprise; and feeling assured that there are thousands of able-bodied men here who are ready to resist any assaults upon the city, have endeavored to mature a plan which will make such resistance effective, while it will not subject any citizen to the routine of military duty. This plan is set forth in the following resolutions:

“1st. That the citizens and residents of Richmond be organized by voluntary enrollment into companies of not more than seventy-five nor less than fifty to each company.

“2d. That ------ be appointed to the command of said companies.

“3d. That the commanders above mentioned and a committee of three of the Council shall appoint the necessary field officers and Captains of the whole force.

“4th. That the Captains of the company shall appoint their respective Lieutenants and non-commissioned officers, and shall proceed at once to enroll and organize their companies.

“5th. That each company shall have a known place of rendezvous, to which it shall repair upon a given signal.

“6th. That no member of this organization shall be required to attend any drill or muster except with his consent, and no service shall be required, beyond the lines of the city defences. 

“7th. That the commander of this force be instructed to apply at once to the proper authorities for the necessary arms and accoutrements, and receive the same under such regulations as may be mutually agreed upon.

"8th. That the officers of this organization be furnished with a room in the City Hall by the Messenger of the Council, and have the services of the Messenger in summoning meetings of the officers.

“9th. That the expenses of advertising and such other expenses as the said committee of the Council may approve, shall be paid by the Auditor upon the order of the Commander.

“10th. That the Council urge upon the people of Richmond, and all residents here, to enroll themselves under officers and in companies as herein proposed; and that while relieved from the ordinary requirements of military duty, be at all times in a state of preparation to meet effectively any attack upon the city.”

The report was unanimously adopted.

On motion of Mr. Stokes, the blank in the second resolution was filled with the name of Gen. Geo. W. Randolph.

The following gentlemen were appointed by the Council the committee of the Council: Messrs. Saunders, Scott, and Clopton.

On motion, the Council adjourned.

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