From the Richmond Whig, 1/18/1865, p. 1, c. 6

JUDGE LYON’S COURT. – In this court yesterday, Joseph Longilotti, who had been committed to Castle Thunder by the Confederate police on the charge of disloyalty, was brought in on a writ of habeas corpus. It appearing by the Confederate Government’s return to the writ, that Longilotti was only charged with declaring that he would not take Confederate money for goods in his store, the Judge ordered his discharge. Judge Baxter, acting for the Government, had the man re-arrested and carried before the Mayor. We may here remark, that the Mayor, without going into an examination, recognized the man to appear before him this morning, at the same time state to Captain Maccubbin, who appeared as prosecutor, (Judge Baxter having retired) that if there was no other charge against Longilotti except refusing to take Confederate money, he would inform him beforehand that Longilotti would be discharged. Mr. Nance, counsel for Longilotti, said this was the only charge against his client, and it was a false one. Patrick Magovan was tried for receiving bacon stolen from Julian Peyronette, and was acquitted.

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