From the Richmond Enquirer, 1/13/1863


The faculty are under the necessity of announcing a further advance of the charges in this establishment, in consequence of the steady and heavy increase of its expenses. Notwithstanding the increase of rates adopted during the past year, the exorbitant prices of supplies of every description, have caused the expenditures for several months past to exceed the receipts; and, in view of the additional burden now arising from the increased rates of hire for nurses and other servants, the alternative is forced upon the Faculty of closing the Hospital, or of adopting such a scale of charges as may protect it from heavy loss. Unwilling to take the former step, they have fixed upon the following charges, to take effect on and after the 10th inst., both as to new patients, and those remaining in the Hospital:
White persons, in private rooms, $20 per week, or $3.50 per day, for less than a week.
White persons, in public wards, $15 per week, or $2.50 per day.
Negroes, $12 per week, or $2.00 per day.

The charges include board, medical attendance, medicine, nursing and washing.

A small fee (varying from $2.00 to $30.00,) will be charged, as heretofore, for Surgical Operations.

A comparison of the above rates for white persons, with the cost of board and medical treatment in a hotel or boarding house, shows that the advantage of economy is largely in favor of the Hospital. It is also manifest that negroes can be treated more cheaply in the Hospital at this time than anywhere else.

Payment for the first week must be made in advance. After the first week, payment must be made weekly, or a written obligation given to settle all dues on the discharge of the patient. When the party is a non resident of Richmond, or is unknown to the officers of the Hospital, guarantee of payment must be made by some known and responsible resident of the city. The impossibility of obtaining supplies, except for cash, explains the necessity of requiring these conditions.

L. S. JOYNES, M. D.,
President of the Hospital.
Attending Surgeon
Resident Physicians,
G. G. Turnley, steward.

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