From the Richmond Times, 4/20/1901, p. 3, c. 4

“Skipper” Murphy, the Little Newsboy So Well Known.

Dan Murphy, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy, of No. 525 Belvedere Street, who fell from a coal car in the Tredegar Works yard Thursday afternoon and fractured his skull, died yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the Virginia Hospital.

Dan, or “Skipper,” as he was better known, was one of the most well known newsboys in the city, and had been carrying the evening papers for five years. He left his home Thursday afternoon about 3 o’clock in company with Tom Bransford, a playmate, for the Leader office. On their way down they entered the Tredegar yards and were playing on the line of empty cars on the siding, when “Skipper” fell between them, breaking his leg and fracturing his skull.

As he lay unconscious his playmates thought he was dead, and ran off leaving him, and told no one of the affair until yesterday morning, after the boy had been found. The injured boy remained on the tracks between the cars all night and was found early yesterday morning by the night watchman, in a half conscious condition.

During the night there was no rest at the missing boy’s house. There were no tidings of him. His mother searched the city over and was almost exhausted with grief and anxiety when the news came that the boy had been found. She accompanied him to the hospital, and there remained by his cot until the end came.

Drs. Nuckols and Hillsman were the attending physicians and performed an operation, but at the time realized there was little hope of recovery.

The remains were taken last night to the home. The time of the funeral has not been decided upon.

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